Pack 115 Dens

All cub scouts earn the Bobcat badge first and then complete the requirements to earn the appropriate rank badge for their age (Tiger-1st grade, Wolf-completed 1st grade or age 8, Bear-completed 2nd grade or age 9, Webelos- completed 3rd grade or age 10).

Tiger, Wolf, and Bear scouts work over one year to earn the badge for their rank. Scouts work with their den leaders to complete 7 Adventures (6 core Adventures and 1 chosen of 13 Electives). Scouts receive a belt loop for each completed Adventure or Elective.

Webelos scouts work over one year to earn the Webelos badge, which requires completion of 7 Adventures (5 core Adventures and 2 chosen of 18 Electives). For the highest honor in cub scouting, the Arrow of Light, Webelos complete another 7 Adventures (4 core Adventures and 3 chosen Electives), different from those earned for the rank badge.

In addition, there are many optional awards that can be earned. The US Scouts webpage is a good source for information. Awards include Leave No Trace, Outdoor Activity, World Conservation, Whittling Chip, Emergency Preparedness, etc.. The Religious Emblems program offers the scout an opportunity to study his faith in-depth, with the activities overseen by the Scout's religious leaders. BSA recognizes the achievement of these awards.

The Advancement Chair must be notified of completion of Adventures, rank, or other awards. Awards will be presented at the monthly Pack meeting.




First Grade


Second Grade


Third Grade


Fourth Grade